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Here follows a brief general outline of the origin of the HAYES family name.

The family name Hayes is believed to be descended originally from the Norman race. They were commonly believed to be of French origin but were, more accurately, of Viking, or Norse, origin. In 911 the French King, Charles III granted land in northern France to Thorfinn Rollo who became the first Duke of Normandy. (the so-called territory of the North Men.) Duke William (the Conqueror, crowned William I) who invaded and defeated the Anglo-Saxon king Harold II at the battle of Hastings in 1066, was descended from Duke Rollo.

This Norman family was originally from La Haye du Puits in Manche in the arrondisement of Coutance in Normandy, France. Sons of Robert de Haye settled in Sussex, England where the earliest records of the name of Hayes were found.

During the 12th century many of these Norman families moved north to Scotland, following Earl David of Huntingdon who became King of Scotland. Later some moved on to other lands due to political and religious conflicts.

There were and are many famous people with this name, Alfred Hayes, Banker; Chris Hayes, musician; Sir Claude Hayes; Helen Hayes, Actress; Patricia Hayes, Actress; Isaac Hayes, musician; James Hayes, Economist; John Hayes, Economist; John Hayes, Osteopath; Joseph Hayes, Playwright; Rutherford B. Hayes, 19th US president; Samuel Hayes, Social Scientist; Thomas Hayes, Engineer.

(Source: taken from family records, various history books and other records with thanks)

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